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Using itouch Sure

What does itouch Sure feel like?

The itouch Sure has 4 preset programs for incontinence use. Each program lasts 20 minutes

STRES, for Stress Incontinence
“Feels like a strong squeezing in of the muscles in the vagina - pulling up the pelvic floor - my natural reaction is to pull the muscles in and up as much as I can with the contraction of the machine.”

MIXED, for Mixed Incontinence
“Same drawing in sensation as STRES but not as strong and feels like lots of quick electrical impulses drawing in the muscles of the vagina - a pleasurable tapping/ throbbing sensation - not encouraging me as much as the STRES program to draw the muscles in as well.”

URGE, for URGE Incontinence
“A long series of quick electrical impulses - like the MIXED program - not encouraging me to pull is as much myself - while the experience is happening you don't feel it's doing much except creating these not unpleasant impulses. But when it finishes you feel the muscles in the vagina relax and realise how much it has been pulling up the muscles of the pelvic floor.”

“Similar to MIXED, but with a stronger drawing in sensation.”

When should I use itouch Sure?

After having a baby, please wait 12 weeks before beginning an electrotherapy programme for incontinence.

For Urge incontinence use itouch Sure twice a day. For Stress Incontinence use the itouch Sure once a day or even once every other day. Stop the machine if your muscles start to ache. The itouch Sure is supplied on an eight week rental basis but the rental can be extended on a monthly basis if necessary.

Once you strengthened your pelvic floor with the itouch Sure, you should continue to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor needs to be worked and reacts very well to such exercises.

itouch Sure Precautions and Contra-Indications
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