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Terms of Business


Boots TENS is operated for boots.com by TensCare Limited (“TensCare”). The goods you rent or buy from this website will be rented or purchased directly from TensCare, manufacturer of the itouch Sure, Boots Maternity, and MamaTENS TENS devices.

TensCare hires TENS units on the following basis:

  • The units are for personal use by you and are not to be lent or hired to a third party.
  • The success of the maternity TENS units in labour is not guaranteed.
  • The user of a TENS unit might be at risk if she has a cardiac pacemaker or suffers, or has ever suffered, from epilepsy. In these circumstances the user must seek professional medical advice and approval before using TENS devices.

On receiving a rental unit

Each TENS rental pack should be opened upon receipt and checked to ensure it is complete and in working order. If a TENS unit does not work or if you find any constituent parts or accessories to be missing, TensCare will upon request replace promptly the broken/missing item(s). This assurance applies only to a TENS rental unit that has been unpacked and made ready for use correctly and has not been damaged through misuse, accident or neglect.

Maternity TENS rentals

The hire period for Maternity TENS Rental Units expires one week after the anticipated birth date. The Maternity TENS Rental Unit should be returned in good condition to TensCare by then. You are responsible for returning the Maternity TENS Rental Unit to TensCare and consequently for its loss or for any damage to it. The Maternity TENS Rental Unit is delivered to you with a pre-paid envelope and we ask that you get a certificate of posting which is suplpied free-of-charge from the Post Office when you return it to us. You should keep your receipt of posting for a minimum of three months.

If your baby is late, a two week free extension will be granted upon prior request. If no extension request is made a charge of £10 per week for each overdue week may be levied. If four weeks after the anticipated birth date the Maternity TENS Rental Unit has not been received by TensCare a charge for total loss will be levied. This charge will be the price prevailing for a new Maternity TENS Rental Unit on the day it was due to be returned less the hire fee paid.

Unused units

For Health & Safety reasons, every TENS Rental Unit is refurbished on return and consequently, hire fees are not refundable, even if the TENS Rental Unit is returned unused.

WEEE Waste Disposal

One of the provisions of the European Directive 2002/96/CE is that anything electrical or electronic should not be treated as domestic waste and simply thrown away. To remind you of this Directive all affected products are now being marked with a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol, as depicted below.


To comply with the Directive you can return your old electro-therapy unit to us for disposal. Simply print this postage-paid PACKETPOST RETURNS label and attach this to an envelope or padded bag with the unit enclosed, and post it back to us. Upon receipt we will send your old device for components recovery and recycling to help to conserve the world's resources and minimise any adverse effects on the environment.

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