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perfect mama+

perfect mama+
The perfect TENS machine for labour pain relief with unique extra features

£39.99 to buy

Perfect mama+ offers a very natural way for you to control your pain as you rapidly increase and decrease the intensity to match the strength of your contractions. Before the birth, you can use your perfect mama+ to help with back pain, and after - with post childbirth pain. Perfect mama+ can also be used with breast electrode pads (E-CMR60130) and separate lead wires (L-CPT) to help initiate lactation.

The unit has preset programmes which are specifically designed to help relieve pain through each stage of labour, it comes with extra-large electrode pads with integrated leads to ensure that all the relevant nerves are covered to give the most effective pain relief.

During labour, the perfect mama+ will provide information about the contractions to help you and your midwife understand how labour is progressing. Between the contractions, the screen will automatically display the duration of the last contraction and the interval between the last two contractions.

By using perfect mama+ you can expect to achieve a significant reduction in pain - if not complete relief from pain. When in use you should feel a pulsing on-off-on-off sensation. When the contraction starts you can press the BOOST button to help get additional pain relief, this will feel like a constant strong tingling sensation.

Main features include:

  • 2 channels with 4 electrode pads
  • Single intensity control for ease of use
  • 3 preset programmes
  • Boost button provides for contractions
  • Comfortable stimulation - 50+ intensity steps
  • Contraction timer and labour log
  • Breast electrode pads to help initiate lactation
  • Easy to read large backlit screen
What customers say...
Natalia L. of Kingston said
"MamaTENS helped my labour immensely"

Sinead M. of Ashbourne said
"A great comfort. I will definitely use it again next time."