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Kegel Toner

Kegel Toner
Kegel Toner effectively strengthens and maintains your the pelvic floor muscles

£51.99 to buy

The TensCare Kegel Toner

  • Faster postpartum recovery to regain bladder control
  • Notable results within 1 month
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than 1 month of adult nappies
  • The safe, drug-free and non-surgical solution
  • Improved sexual performance

Your pelvic floor is incredibly important because it helps with bladder control, sexual wellbeing and core stability. Pelvic floor problems like leaking urine, wind and poo are sadly very common. Studies show it can affect 1 in 3 women, and up to 80% of expectant and new mums.

It can be hard to even find these muscles let alone work them out. Kegel Toner does ALL the work. Just sit back and relax as your incontinence is zapped away.

How does the Kegel Toner work?

If you decide to stop the leaks for good, do it with Kegel Toner. It has 2 no-fuss programmes that are clinically proven to work.

The Kegel Toner allows you to sit back and relax (instead of squeezing yourself) whilst giving your pelvic floor muscles a workout thatís up to 90% more efficient than manual Kegel exercisers. The Kegel Toner uses electrical stimulation via a vaginal probe that causes your pelvic floor muscles to contract. It contracts and relaxes meaning your pelvic muscles are working out on autopilot.

Each session is 20 minutes long and we recommend using the Kegel Toner once or twice daily. The programme length is 12 weeks in total but you can expect results much faster. Many women are amazed by results within 1 month.

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What customers say...
Agnes P. of Newcastle said
"In 3 weeks I felt I was getting back control"

Jas N. of Wiltshire said
"I wish I'd been advised about pelvic floor toning years ago!"