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Ex-Rental Boots Maternity TENS Unit

Ex-Rental Boots Maternity TENS Unit
Special Offer!
Effective, drug free pain relief during labour

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Purchase an ex-rental Boots Maternity TENS unit, the classic TENS machine which eases the pain of childbirth for thousands of mums every year.


  • 3 preset programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Boost and Ramp facilities
  • Includes new batteries and pads

There is a lot of scientific and medical evidence behind effectivity of TENS in alleviating childbirth pain. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our TENS maternity unit to not only tick all the boxes but go an extra mile. It is effective not just during the birth but also helps with back pains during pregnancy and can help with a quicker postpartum recovery.

  • Can be used from the onset of labour, helping with transition from home to hospital
  • Can be safely used in conjunction with analgesics such as pethidine or standard gas and air
  • Can be used to manage after birth pain, post-episiotomy pain and general back pain
  • Mum-to-be remains in control & mobile
What customers say...
Helen L. of Eltham said
"The Boots TENS unit really helped me a lot"

Karina S. of Kingston said
"We are now expecting our fourth baby and I can honestly say i could not face labour without my maternity boots tens"