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How itouch Sure Helps

A tiny, safe, electrical current is delivered through an intra-vaginal probe. This current mimics your body's natural electrical activity to send messages to your nerves. Electrical stimulation works in different ways depending on the program used.

The Stress Incontinence program (STRES) works like an internal version of an abdominal muscle toner, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which give you bladder control.

Childbirth stretches these muscles out of shape. Unless you remember to do your pelvic floor exercises regularly and correctly (it's easy to work on the wrong muscles), they can stay weak and tire quickly. If you fail to use the muscles, the nerve pathways you use to sense pressure and control the muscles also weaken (try moving your little toe by itself!).

itouch Sure sends signals that are similar to those sent by your brain, but stronger and targeted in the right area. These signals cause your muscles to contract and work, and build muscle strength and size (just like an exercise machine in the gym).

Once muscular strength has been improved, you are better able to resist leakage caused by external pressure being applied to the bladder such as with a cough, sneeze or sudden movement.

In the gym, you cannot build a perfect six pack overnight. In the same way, with Stress Incontinence improvement comes slowly with the building of muscle fibre and nerve sensitivity. Successful treatment will require stimulation once a day for one to three months.

URGE incontinence is the unwanted and unexpected emptying of the bladder due to its muscles contracting involuntarily.

A different pattern of electrical current has been shown to reduce these involuntary contractions. It works by soothing the nerves and reducing the false signals sent to the brain.

With URGE Incontinence, improvements can be seen in as little as two weeks.

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